What is BLB ?


Bicycle Log Book is a cloud based software solution, developed out of our needs as a workshop owner, a retail shop owner, a bike mechanic and as cyclists.

Bicycle Log Book is a total workshop management solution, and has heaps of handy features for cyclists too.

BLB has been designed, tweaked, tested and redesigned to result in an intuitive and easy to use digital tool. Desktop and mobile friendly, and with cloud connectivity, you can use and access BLB anywhere, anytime.  


BLB for Workshops, Shops and Mechanical Service Providers


BLB is a complete shop/maintenance service provider solution which will make management of your workshop and service bookings more streamlined, efficient, and professional; while providing an easy-to-use tool for your staff to improve service quality and customer service.

You’ll know everything that’s happening in your shop, with real-time visual dashboards and data.

Shop owners, managers and staff will each have their own unique User ID and log in.

Features include:

  • Increased visibility and customer reach for your shop & services offered via our BLB member cyclists service provider workshop/service provider locator tool.
  • Show clear service pricing and service inclusions (set by your shop) to help the cyclist understand which service best meets their needs when booking.
  • Receive simple digital service booking requests direct from the cyclist, who can also upload an image of issues on booking, to give you the heads up on what’s coming in.
  • View complete customer details and specs on the bike coming in for service to help you prepare, reduce downtime and help turn the bike over efficiently.
  • Access an up to date service history of what has been done to bikes in for service so you’re not guessing when and what has been changed.
  • Know at a glance the stage of the service cycle each bike on your workshop floor or wall, via your Service Status Dashboard.
  • Provide your customers with easy to complete Digital Service Report cards for improved customer service & quality assurance.
  • Direct and easy digital communication with your clients to save you time going back and forth on the phone.
  • Track your workshop productivity.


BLB for Cyclists


BLB will make maintaining your bike an easier, more streamlined and transparent process.

You will also never have to ask yourself when you last changed a chain, tyre or had a service again! Features include:

  • Online, quick and easy digital service booking requests & confirmation from your chosen service provider.
  • Ability to upload photos of mechanical issues / any damage when requesting a service – no need to try to explain what’s wrong! Plus give your service provider the heads up so you can have your bike back quickly.
  • Search for service providers other than your LBS by brand or location via our Workshop locator. Handy if travelling – we currently have BLB member shops in Europe, UAE, Asia and across ANZ – or racing and you have a mishap!
  • Receive digital service status updates to help you stay up to date with service progress, any parts required & when your bike is ready to collect. No need for back and forth phone calls with your LBS!
  • Share your service history and bike details with any BLB member shop, helping them to be better prepared for your bike’s service.
  • Receive digital service report cards, saved directly to your bike’s service history. The date every component of your bike was serviced or replaced will be automatically populated in your bikes service history. You don’t have to do a thing!
  • Know your bikes! No need to try to remember what you had done when, or who by. Your bike’s service history in your back pocket – always!
  • Show prospective buyers your bike’s service history for an easier, better resale.
  • Change your tyres at home? No problem, add a home maintenance entry to your bikes history.
  • Receive digital prompts of when your bike is due a service.