About Us

Improving Industry Standards

We started Bicycle Log Book because we believed we could improve the quality of bike maintenance, customer communication & service, and workshop management and efficiency. We knew that we could assist retail shops to better understand their market, including customer and industry trends, and those trends specific to their location.

Bicycle Log Book (BLB) is here to make your life easier and the process of bike servicing more efficient, enjoyable and transparent; whether you are a workshop/shop owner, bike mechanic or a cyclist.

We are committed to quality assurance, and to bringing real, knowledge-based benefits to brands, retail shops & service centers, and the cycling industry as a whole.

We knew that with the right technology we could make a real difference in the lives of retail shop owners and bike mechanics, enabling them to run more efficiently and better serve their customers.

This philosophy runs through everything we do.


Built by those in the industry, for the industry.  

BLB is the outcome of a passion by two cyclists to improve the standards, management and experience of bike servicing while assisting shops and workshops to better know and communicate with their customers.

It is based on real life, working experience of a professional bike mechanic, retail shop owner and bicycle workshop owner. Couple that with over 30 years combined experience as passionate bike owners, racing and riding road, MTB and track bikes – and frequently requiring smoothly tuned & safe bikes – and you have your BLB team.

We’ve built BLB for the benefit of both retail shops & bicycle mechanics/workshops, as well as for cyclists based on real life experience, and what we felt was needed to improve standards and operating efficiency for both.

We’re all about making it easier for you to properly maintain your bike or to better manage your workshop – so everyone can get on with the business of riding and spend more time on two wheels.